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About us

About Us

Dr Alan Jager is an experienced forensic psychiatrist who pioneered the use of videoconferencing for medicolegal assessments over 20 years ago, establishing the Telehealth facility for Forensic Mental Health Services in Tasmania in 1999. He now EXCLUSIVELY undertakes assessments by Skype, Zoom and other technologies.

BASED IN Collins Street, Melbourne since 2001, Forensic Reports has provided services to clients in person, all over Australia. With the advances made in videoconferencing and its much greater acceptance by the Courts since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, Forensic Reports, through its Forensics Online subsidiary, has moved to undertaking assessments exclusively be videoconferencing using well-known platforms like Skype and Zoom, as well as other industry-specific platforms. This move has been embraced by clients who actually PREFER REMOTE VIDEOCONFERENCING ASSESSMENTS to in-person assessments.

For a seamless experience for your clients anywhere in Australia or abroad, use Forensic Reports.